Fight Analytics products are made to engage all your MMA fans with a most-in-depth integrated solution for your media.

Real Time Stats

All UFC up-to-the-minute statistics with accurate results streamed live to your site.

Card and Live Results

Follow and search all fights of the night without missing any detail.

10 stats of every fighter

All the information that really matters right in front of your audience.

Also, they works in all sizes.

We combine real time monitoring statistics of every fight, specialized data and a innovative technology behind it to delivery for your site the best fit with your content and what your audience are looking for:


UFC Event Widget is a product that delivers all UFC up-to-the-minute statistics, utilizing a reliability technology with accurate results streamed directly to your audience.

Watch a example on our blog

Live MMA stats data feed demonstration
Live MMA stats data feed demonstration


With UFC Fight Widget you have the freedom to embed all the stats fight per fight.

Watch a example on our blog


Our dashboard show a list of all the products and iframes in our database! Also, you can search for fighter and event.

For demo:

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Live MMA stats data feed demonstration

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