Today Demian Maia is now one of the biggest reference in the gentle art at the UFC. In his professional career as a mixed martial artist, Fabio Gurgel’s pupil accumulated 24 wins in 30 fights, with 12 wins via submission.

Since his loss to Rory McDonald (Feb 2014), Maia have conquered a series of 6 consecutive wins, 3 by unanimos decision and another 3 by submission.

Would you like to know more about Demian Maia’s performance? Then follow your reading because here are the 5 statistics from Demian Maia that all jiu-jitsu fans have to know:

Demian Maia x Gunnar Nelson

1 - Ground control

In his last three bouts, Demian fought 31 minutes and 52 seconds. And 20 minutes and 47 seconds he spents leading the ground game.

2 - Signicant strikes absorved

About 65% of the total time of the fights Maia spends either on the top of their opponents or on their back. Thats why he have absorved only 6 significant strikes in his last 3 bouts.

Demian Maia x Matt Brown

3 - Takedown Accuracy

The first step for an jujitsu athlete shine inside the Octagon is putting your opponent down. Maia totaled 22 takedowns attempts and had succeded 11 times. 3 attempts per round with 50% accuracy - not bad (at all).

4 - Number of offensive transitions

The 3rd ranked welterweight fighter scored 13 offensive transitions in his last three fights - two offensive transitions per round. The number of transitions is one of the biggest differences between wrestler’s ground game and brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter. Daniel Cormier, for example, scored only 1 transition in almost 10 minutes of dominance over Anderson Silva.

Daniel Cormier x Anderson Silva

5 - Submission attempts

6 were Demian Maia submission attempts in his last three fights. Against Carlos Condit it was only necessary 1 attempt and 1 minute and 52 seconds into the fight for Maia submit Condit with a rear naked choke.

Demian Maia x Carlos Condit

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